RFCI Grievance Complaint Form Part 2.
Additional Information for The RFCI Grievance Committee Use Only

If this is a dispute, do you have a signed contract executed by both parties? If yes, please
attach a copy of the signed contract.


If there is no signed contract, was there any guarantee, either verbal or written?


Have you contacted the breeder? If yes, please explain in detail what the breeder has
agreed to do in this situation.


If you have any written correspondence that pertains to this case, please attach
copies. (i.e. cancelled checks, emails, certified letters, etc.)


If this complaint is health related, please explain the nature of the problem.

Do you have documentation from a vet or in the form of a necropsy in the event of death? Please attach all pertinent information.

If this is not a dispute, but a serious Code of Conduct violation, please explain in detail
your complaint including any witnesses, pictures or documentation supporting your complaint.


Does your state have a “pet lemon law”? Please contact the Bureau of Consumer Affairs
and submit a copy of any such law.


Have you filed charges in this same situation with other law authorities? If so, please list
which ones and the date it was filed. Were there any court findings in this case?


How would you like to see this case resolved?



Have you asked the other party for any specific resolutions for this case that would work
for both parties?


Are you seeking monetary compensation for this problem?


Feel free to give any information that you have regarding your efforts to resolve this
problem and the results of such. Additional pages may be attached if necessary.


After this grievance has been accepted by the Grievance Committee and an investigation has begun, other issues may not be brought forward in this case.

All pages of this form should be completed and mailed, along with any relevant
information to:

Send to:
RFCI’s Grievance Chairperson